Who are The Travel Children?

About us

My name is Helen and these are my Travel Children. We love to explore the world around us and have adventures. Originally from the UK (Bonnie Scotland to be precise), we moved to Australia in 2016. Before and after moving to Australia, we visited lots of interesting places. Looking to the future, we have an endless wish list of countries we would like to visit. When we aren’t actually travelling, I love researching our next destination and planning our itineraries. I am a compulsive travel planner and there is nothing I like more than organising trips. Check out our destination guides for inspiration and travel advice for the various stages of the planning process.

Whenever the kids are not at school we love travelling in Australia or learning about places we plan on visiting next. We read books about travel, watch films about other cultures, eat global cuisines and get creative. On this website, we bring you our ideas for cultural activities that can transport you to the other side of the world without leaving the house!

I know that travel with children can sometimes be hard, but please don’t let these difficulties put you off! Travel is such a rewarding experience for all the family and will create memories that last forever. Do not underestimate the educational benefits of travel. Experiencing the world firsthand is the best way to understand it. You can enrich these learning opportunities even more with a just little preparation prior to your departure.

Travel can be expensive, but I will share ideas with you on how to save money for travel and minimise your costs. Even if you can’t or don’t want to make trips to far-flung locations, exploring your local area is a rewarding experience that can provide any number of unexpected experiences and surprises!

Travel is a really important part of our life. I hope we inspire you to get out and explore because learning about the world around you is the greatest adventure of all.