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Helen is the mum of the Travel Children and she also produces the content for their blog. She managed the social media accounts and websites of external organisations for several years prior to setting up The Travel Children website. She worked as a lawyer in Scotland, before moving to Australia where the family now own a business in New South Wales.

The Travel Children have a social media presence on all the major platforms. They enjoy producing new content for this medium and engaging with their followers.

The Travel Children love exploring the world around them and visiting new places. When they are not travelling, The Travel Children enjoy learning about other cultures through reading books, watching movies, eating global cuisines and enjoying fun activities. Travel is a major passion for the family; when they’re not actually away having adventures, they are planning their next one.

In the next couple of years The Travel Children plan on visiting Scotland, England, Ireland, Finland, the Pacific Islands, California, Florida and Las Vegas, as well as travelling extensively throughout Australia. If we can, we may add more destinations to this list!

If you feel that our lifestyle would be a good fit for your brand, please do not hesitate to contact us